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Learn what happens When Silence Speaks

Creating a Silent World

Imagine a world with less noise, how would it sound?

Imagine a world with less stress, how would it feel?

Imagine a world with more creativity, how inspired would you be?

Imagine a world with more inner peace, how free would you become?

By building a more silent world, we can breathe all that and more into existence. 

The mission

Throughout Europe, we’ll explore silence in different domains: e.g. economy, smart city organising, art, consciousness projects, environment, nature, … . By doing so we can uncover the real power of silence. What would the world look like if we focused on silence? Here are some of the benefits:

Silence decreases stress

Silence stimulates creativity

Silence reduces the number of conflicts

Silence provides answers

Silence heals your own emotions and encourages mindful speaking

Silence creates new perspectives

Silence connects you to your own voice

Silence brings you in contact with the collective wisdom

Silence helps you slow down and live mindfully

Silence cultivates confidence and flow

Silence is the new money

The journey

The initiator of the project is Cathy Camertijn, owner of Lessnow. As a Silence ambassador, she gives inspiring talks on “the power of silence”. Ever in pursuit of her own dreams, she is now touring Europe to connect with more Silence ambassadors to create a more Silent World

She is documenting her journey which you can read on her blog.

Click below for the itinerary.

Click below for her blog. 

The creators

We are Cathy Camertijn, from Belgium and Jamal Elmansour from Morocco. We bring more silence to the world via the development of technical and human solutions to diminish the noise pollution. We bring more silence within individuals, communities, cities and countries.

Last year in 2018 we connected and had the same dream. One year later we decided to work together as a duo consultancy team to implement noise and more silence-bringing projects in cities and countries. Our strength is that our skills are complementary.

Please contact us if you have an idea, a project or something else concerning noise and silence. We work in Morocco and Europe.

Aside from the Silent World Tour, traveling around Europe exploring all aspects of Silence and meeting with other Silence ambassadors, we’re also conducting global research on Silence. You can help us with the first phase of the research by filling out a small survey. If you’d like to contribute more than just answers, there are a few options at the bottom (fill our the contact form or donate to our crowdfunding via Kadonation).

Stay in touch

Every Friday between 12h and 13h Cathy will give an update of her journey on the Belgian radiostation Radio2 – Antwerpen (this will be in Dutch). Tune in and listen here: 

You can also join our social media pages to get regular glimpses into the journey. 

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Benevolent benefactors

This journey was made possible with the help of our generous sponsors. Check them out and say hi from us. 


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